Self Medication

Risks of self medication

Self-medication is when an individual administers medicines to themselves without talking to a medical practitioner. They do this to treat any symptom which they are experiencing. The most common substances for self-medication include dietary supplements and the over-the-counter medicines for treating health conditions at home. In fact, one does not need the prescription of any physician for obtaining these drugs, and he can easily get them from a local pharmacy. Individuals try to avoid going to a doctor to save time as well as money and for this reason, they resort to self-medication. In this article, we will mention the main dangers of self-medication.

Drug addiction

You can easily get addicted to a drug if you continue uikjsdjkknaksdnvknakdnvknakndvknakdvnkadnvksdnvsin
g it without any prescription. For instance, if your doctor prescribed you panadol for treating a migraine, you might continue to use it to cure your ordinary headache, and after a while, your system will get used to it; hence, its effects will not affect your body anymore. You may continue taking the medication hoping that it might do something and this inevitably results in drug addiction.

Hiding the symptoms of a critical condition

Over-the-counter medications alleviate pains momentarily. Therefore, they have the ability to conceal the real issue that should be sorted out from the root. You should not have normal headaches, shoulder, stomach or back pain. Even though you feel better once you take a painkiller, think about why the pain comes back quickly enough? Make it a point to see a physician and do not just take one more pill.

Interaction between drugs

This happens when you consume medicines which have contradictory processes of action. The side effects of one particular drug may influence or affect the reactions of another one, and it’s one of the main reasons why it isn’t recommended to perform self-medication. This trend relating to drug use is accessible to medical practitioners, and so they’ve been certified to prescribed medicines.

Incorrect diagnosis

A headache is not always a little problem; thus an aspirin might not be the best solution to the issue. When you ultimately realize that you have to visit the clinic, whatever the underlining reason for the headaches might have become worse.


Overdose may easily reskljkldfjkbjkjdkfjbndksnkdnbknkdnbkdnfbkndfbult from being not aware of the necessary dosage of a particular medication. If you aren’t certain of how many pills to ingest, please seek advice from your personal doctor for an appropriate prescription. A drug overdose is often very damaging to health and might even lead to demise.